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Q. Do I need to have a Nintendo Nunchuk controller to play?

A. Yes. Wiisis makes heavy use of the Nunchuk controller and it must be present to play. If you do not have a Nunchuk plugged in to your Nintendo Wii Remote while playing the game, a message will appear asking you to plug it in. Inserting a Nunchuk into your remote’s Expansion Port will cause this message to disappear.

Q. Do I need to have a Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar to play?

A. No, but I highly recommend it! By turning the option off in your Wii Remote profile, you can play without the Wii Sensor Bar. You will orient yourself using the Look and Turn gestures on your Wiimote. However, playing with the Wii Sensor Bar will give you better precision and control in game, so I highly recommend it!

Q. What's the deal with that red dot on the screen?

A. The crosshair is detached from the center of the screen when using the Wii Sensor bar to control aiming. This lets you aim and fire your weapon in the direction that you are pointing; however, there are points in the game where you are not able to freely aim, such as when you are looking down your iron sights. This red dot on the screen is used to mark where you are pointing the remote. It is used instead of the crosshair to prevent confusion. The crosshair always represents where your bullets will go. The dot always represents where you are pointing, so you can orient yourself in the world my moving the dot to the edges of the screen. Most of the time, the two will always be in the same position.

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