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Wii Remote Controls
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Wiisis is a mod for Crysis, a PC title developed by Crytek. Your system will need to match the System Requirements for the game to run. You can view these requirements in the ReadMe file provided with the game.

The following items are required to play Wiisis:

Nintendo Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers (1 each)
Bluetooth receiver for PC (Internal or Dongle)

You will need to create an HID Profile for your Nintendo Wii Remote before it can be detected and used in Wiisis. This process is explained in the Wiisis Manual.

Wiisis can also take advantage of a Wii Sensor Bar (explained below), but it is not required.


Wii Remote Controls
Depending on the current status of the game, your Wii Remote will respond differently. The layout of controls and gestures while you are on foot are different from the controls when you are viewing through your Binoculars or while you are in a vehicle.

There are numerous controls in Wiisis refered to as Actions. Each Action may be triggered by either a Button or a Gesture. A Gesture is defined on either the Wiimote or Nunchuk. The manual for Wiisis details all available Actions and includes instructions on how to trigger the Action.

The different scenarios where your Wii Remote will behave differently include:

• Player Controls (When you are on foot)
• Land/Sea Vehicle Controls (When you are in a wheel-based land vehicle or a boat)
• Helicopter Vehicle Controls (When you are in a helicopter vehicle)
• VTOL Vehicle Controls (When you are in a VTOL vehicle)
• Binocular Controls (When you have the Binoculars up)
• Nano Suit Menu (When the Nano Suit Menu is visible on screen)
• Weapon Accessories Menu (When the Weapon Accessories Menu is visible on screen)


Wii IR Sensor Bar
Wiisis has the ability to utilize the IR Sensor Bar, enabling the controller to move the crosshair around the screen with its on-board cursor to control aiming, turning and looking. If you have a Wii IR Sensor Bar (or your own homemade one) and you wish to use it, you can easily enable it through the configuration file.

If enabled, an “IR Dot” will move around the screen to match where your Wii Remote is pointing. As you move the dot closer to the edge of the screen, you will turn/look in that direction. Your weapon will follow the IR Dot on the screen, allowing you to shoot exactly what you are pointing at.


Retain View Mode
To help with aiming, Wiisis has a feature called Retain View Mode. By holding down the 'A' button, you will "lock on" to the first object in the world that your crosshair falls over. As long as you hold the button down, your view will retain the object you locked on to, even as you move around in the world. This can help you keep focus on an object you want to pick up, or it can help you keep a bead on those peasky bad guys.

By releasing the button, your view will unlock, allowing you to look around once more. By double-pressing the button, your view will be force-locked, letting you disable looking around all-together as long as the button is held down.


Wii Remote Extended Features
Wiisis offers additional extended features for your Wii Remote which you may experience during the game. These features can be altered or turned off by adjusting various values in the configuration file.

LED Information
Located on the bottom of your Wii Remote are four LED lights. The Nintendo Wii uses these lights to display which player owns which remote. Wiisis instead uses these lights to display information about your avatar in the game. They can be used to display:

• Percentage of remaining ammunition in your current weapon.
• Percentage of remaining health of your avatar.
• Percentage of remaining suit energy of your avatar.
• Or to just show if the remote is connected to the game.

Your Wii Remote will rumble when certain events occur in the game. This rumble is used to quickly translate information to you in the field and to add immersion to the game. Your remote will rumble when you fire your weapon or when you are damaged.


Wiisis Configuration File
Located within your Crysis folder, you will find a configuration file wiiremote.xml editable in any text editor that contains the sensitivity values and key bindings used by Wiisis to determine when certain actions are performed, based on button input or gesturing. The contents of wiiremote.xml are loaded and parsed when the game is first launched, and saved out when the game is closed. This file allows you to configure how Wiisis plays out.


HUD Indicators and Console Commands
Various HUD indicators may pop up from time to time while you are playing Wiisis. These indicators are displayed either through an icon located in the top-left corner of your screen, as a text message located in the center of your screen, or both. These indicators are used to update you on the status of your Nintendo Wii Remote including its connection and battery life.

If no indicator is currently visible, the battery strength of your Nintendo Wii Remote is displayed in the top-left corner of your screen. The size and color of the bar will reflect the percentage of battery life in your remote.

Various console commands also exist that allow you to manipulate your Wii Remote profile from inside the game using the console. You can get and set the values for the different variables kept in the configuration file, load or save it to disk, or reset them all to default.

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