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Wiisys aiming?

Last post 04-02-2009, 10:14 AM by drfunkeys. 1 replies.
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  •  03-13-2009, 4:53 PM 2177

    Wiisys aiming?

    Hello, first thank you for that great mod.

    I want to add the great aiming to a default gamer with mouse.

    Can you give me a clue how?

    I am referring to the aiming and controll of the weapon model in first person and the crosshair is following them.

    Can i do this with flowgraph?

    Please give me information :)

  •  04-02-2009, 10:14 AM 2183 in reply to 2177

    Re: Wiisys aiming?

    Hi. Agreed, the mod is very cool. I posted a little while ago about not being able to get it to run smoothly, and I've seen a few other people posting the same issues. I figure it's something to do with having the right bluetooth adapter or maybe some weird compatibility issue with something else like the OS.. Just guessing, because for myself and a lot of other people GlovePie works fine but Wiisis is laggy and the HalfLife2 WiiMod works sometimes and then just drops the connection to the wiimote other times, leaving poor Gordon spinning like a top while nasty monsters and combine types fill him with death. Unpleasant. What I'm getting at is that it'd be really cool if you guys could release a version of it that doesn't actually comunicate with the wiimote, but has the other amazing features you guys have come up with like the free aim and the ability to lock on to things. The wiimote part could be done really easily through GlovePie then. Even a programming noob like me can figure out "if wiimote.B then blast those sonsabitches." Also, this would mean that people could play it with any control scheme they could come up with. There are some new post-wiimote products about to come out that can sense their position in 3d (Sixense and Darwin), then there's a webcam like device coming out soon that can track your hands in 3d (try googling 3d hand tracking, there's Gesturetech, a few homebrew methods and some other company I can't remember now). I've also seen posts here and on the page for Gorn's mod "Tactical-Line" (which has free-aim in multiplayer) requesting the free-aim for singleplayer so it could be played with a mouse. As a side note, I, like many people, have tendonitis in my hands and can't use a mouse for extended periods, especially not for FPS games where you tend to be pretty tense. The monstrous X-Box controllers are pretty bad for extended play too. I just feel like the gaming industry has been missing the obvious, which is that the video and physics technology in games has jumped lightyears in the past decade, but we still play the games the same way we played Duke Nukem 3d. The tools now exist and are not even that expensive to create truly immersive holodeck-like experiences. Imagine playing crysis on a big screen projector with 3d glasses where you control it by holding your arm in the air like it's the scar gun, and when you look down at your hand you actually see the gun there and it follows you as you move. The bad guys won't stand a chance. The wiimote is a first. Anyway, all this is just to say that there are people wanting the free-aim, and with these new products I'm sure more people will want it, so it's not just me asking you to do a huge (or small, what do I know) amount of work for free. Let me know what you think anyway. For now I'm gonna go play crysis poorly with a GlovePie script I put together. It's half decent but as you can imagine it's really hard to aim by moving the screen with the wiimote rather than moving the gun. Rock on you crazy modders.

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