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About Flowgraph Plugin

Last post 08-08-2008, 5:43 PM by Tom Anderson. 0 replies.
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  •  08-08-2008, 5:43 PM 1994

    About Flowgraph Plugin

    As promised earlier last week, two more plugins take their place among the current library of Flowgraph Plugins available for the Flowgraph Plugin System.

    About the Flowgraph Plugin System
    Perhaps it is just this humble person’s opinion, but it seems safe to say these days that 9/10ths of Crysis modding is based at least in part on flowgraphs. It’s amazing to see the creative works the modding community has managed to do successfully with this system. Everything from new weapons and AI logic, to entire new gameplay formats (such as RTS mode) have been crafted using the available tools provided by the flowgraph system in its present state. Now imagine what the community could do if they were given even more tools to work with in their flowgraphs.

    The modding community has already taken on the initiative to provide more tools for everyone to use. This is evident in the Big Flowgraph Node Request Topic. The problem is, getting these newer tools to the community has proven to be quite a pain. With forum members such as Jameszhao00 and ins taking on roles to help aid the community in utilizing these new tools, progress has been made. But still the pain relies on getting everyone all of the custom flowgraph nodes (said tools) so they can use them in their own custom maps and mods. Currently, a custom Mod Dll must be built that contains all these new nodes, and this mod must be distributed to each community member who wishes to use the new nodes. Adding on new nodes or making changes to existing nodes would mean everyone would have to get the new custom Mod Dll again. What a pain!

    The Flowgraph Plugin System aims to relieve this pain by separating the new custom flowgraph nodes being developed by the community into separate, individual files. Effectively, instead of trying to merge all these different flowgraph nodes into one single Mod Dll, they have now been separated into their own, lightweight Dll file, known as a plugin. These plugins are then detected and loaded by the system automatically, merging its contents of flowgraph nodes into the main system.

    From an end user's point-of-view, you only have to copy and paste the Dlls containing the flowgraph nodes you want into a special folder, and launch the game or Sandbox editor. Like magic, all of the flowgraph nodes appear in the Flowgraph editor. You can mix and match as many plugins as you want to control the amount of modding power you wish to have at your disposal.

    New Plugin - Iterator1
    This Plugin adds four (4) custom Flowgraph Nodes that allow you to iterate through a dynamic list of entities generated at runtime given some search criteria. Each of the entites found are outputted through the same line, allowing you to execute the same set of Flowgraph logic on each returned entity.

    The amount of creative ways you can utilize these nodes are endless. The example further below demonstrates blowing up all the vehicles inside a defined AreaShape by using an Iterator node.

    New Plugin - LookAt
    This Plugin adds a custom Flowgraph Node that allows you to orient an entity to look at another one. This node supports interpolation and constant updating. It is very robust and can allow you to do anything from creating security cameras that follow the player, to forcing the player to focus on an object in the world.

    As a proof, the example provided further below shows the node controlling both the player's view and an LTV, making both follow a melon as it moves around in a loop.

    Here are two examples showing these new nodes in action! (Not terribly exciting I'm afraid...)

    Video: Iterator Node Example

    Video: LookAt Node Example

    Download Links
    - Download: Flowgraph Plugin System
    - Download: Flowgraph Plugin - Iterators1
    - Download: Flowgraph Plugin - LookAt
    - Download: Flowgraph Plugin Source Collection (Updated with source code for these new Plugins!)

    Still up for suggestions on what Plugins should be made next. (And yes, I hear you MP people...)

    - Cry-Vlok for RenEvo Software & Designs

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