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Windows 7

After being selected as a “Windows 7 Launch Party Host”, I received my party pack that included a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate Signature Edition both in 32 and 64 bit editions.

This weekend I took the plunge and upgraded my Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows 7 Ultimate. Normally I don’t upgrade my operating system, as a matter of a fact I look down on it, but I figured I would try it out, to save some major time in installing software. I recently went through my Vista installation and did some major house keeping, so the OS was running pretty fast as it was.

The upgrade took about 3 hours, mostly due to the fact that I had about 1.3 million user files, without those it would have went decently quick.

Fired up and running, it is pretty smooth, doesn’t feel much different at all, except the boot times are a bit faster, the task bar is a bit different.

One of the neat things I found right off the bat, was the device pages:

Was nice to see that it picked up this fast, most likely Creative jumped in early and go this in there. Another reason why I have a Creative mp3 player instead of an iPod. The Creative works perfectly with my operating system.

Past that, all the other “goodies” are there, rotating desktop background, floating dockable gadgets instead of the sidebar, ribbon based WordPad and paint, new calculator, and tons of other UI updates.

I did have to uninstall Live OneCare, although the now Free Microsoft Security Essentials replaced it quite well.

Overall, I have been excited to update to Windows 7, I have held out through the beta/RC period, and after building 2 computers with Windows 7, I have been itching pretty hard to upgrade. The Windows 7 Launch Party thing came just in time!

I would definitely recommend this OS to anyone with XP, and especially to anyone using Vista (this is as said, basically a feature based Service Pack for Vista) the speed increases and UI overhauls are worth the change. Not to mention the system requirements have dramatically decreased from Vista, as well as the running usage (with all the frills).

Even the amount of processes running has decreased, after doing a lot of stuff today, and having upgraded from a pretty rich software package install (3ds, CS4 master suite, visual studio, SQL Server, Source Control and Bug Tracking servers, etc…) I only have 65 processes running (10 of those are chrome), and of those, only about 20 are windows services. MUCH improved over Windows Vista.

Any who, just sharing some of my thoughts.

Published Sunday, October 11, 2009 4:06 PM by Tom Anderson


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