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Website Journal Part 1 – Planning

So today I started out the first steps of the new site TomAnderson.me, the first step was to first start the initial ideas and design of the website. In order to achieve this, I am going to have to first decide what I want on the site, and then build up from there. Planning will be a huge part of this project for one, because I am telling all of you about every step of the process, as well as I want to just deploy this site and have it ready to go live on one date, then do tweaking only after that.

IMG_2140 My tools for this initial planning state will be a bit old school and a bit new school. I will be using some hard bound notebooks I picked up at Barnes & Nobles that will open flat to allow me to scan them easily, as well as an Aiptek HP 12000U tablet to use for tracing things directly from the notebook into Photoshop, as well as working with the designs later.

Before the comments come up, I like purple (hence the big purple car), and I am a huge fan of Taoism, so I think these were made for me.

Moving along, I roughed out a quick logo that had been kind of stuck in my head a bit. It is based on my handwritten initials, and will be prettified and redone in Photoshop extensively. I also jotted down a few primary notes on what I want on my site.


This is why I like these binders, they lay nice and flat into the scanner, and allow me to transfer things pretty quickly.


The logo was then quickly redone in Photoshop using the tablet and my awesome handwriting skills, but it gave me the look that I wanted for the logo. I saved it as a 96dpi image at 800x600. This will be plenty big of a base for me to work with later as I redo it for real. It will also allow me to use it for numerous different mediums, such as signatures, favicon, site logo, etc…

Next I quickly wrote out some features that I want on the site.

  • Blog with anonymous comments
  • Tag based favorite links
  • Tag based favorite YouTube videos
  • A portfolio with my Websites, applications, and designs
  • About me
  • Anonymous “shouts” from people, basically… leave a message

Now that I have a baseline for what I want on the website, I will start delving into the next few stages. Browsing around and collecting ideas of things I like on other websites and doing a sketch up of the website, or a “wireframe”. This will allow me to then start deciding on different design elements, colors, how functionality that I like will be implemented and used, and how everything will fit together.

Published Friday, July 3, 2009 6:02 PM by Tom Anderson
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