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A while back I bought the domain TomAnderson.me and have not done anything with it. After digging back into web development last week at work, I decided that I wanted to do some more.


This site will essentially be me moving the “personal” stuff off of RenEvo Software & Designs to focus more on development and design (go figure), and give me a place to start fresh, without losing any information. My first thought was to do it here on RenEvo, but I actually like how the site is currently working, so I won’t be messing with it.

The plan is to kind of take my time and create the site to do a few things that I have wanted to do for a while, all in one place, while keeping a good design and sleek functionality.

BTW, the design you see above is actually a hacked version of my server host Server Intellect’s home page, and will NOT be the final, it is only a placeholder to replace the “this site is owned by someone” page that has been there for 6 or so months.

I will be blogging about the process of designing and building the site, from scratch drawings all the way up to code explanations and most likely when I am done, I will release the source to the site for anyone to customize and use.


  • ASP.Net MVC Framework – c#, I love this framework for personal and social websites
  • jQuery – I think enough has been said about this already around the web
  • jQuery UI – For modal windows and some form elements, I definitely like this suite of utilities though
  • OpenId – I will be using OpenId for all “user” related functionality, whether or not I let people register is still undecided.
  • Metablog API – I will use this so I can manage the entire site through Window Live Writer
  • Windows Live Writer – Content Management, I use this for all blog and article posting on RenEvo

So, for those that follow this site’s blogs, and for those that may stumble across it, enjoy the coming articles, I will be spending some considerable time on this, as this is the first site for “me” rather than something else.

Published Tuesday, June 30, 2009 2:18 AM by Tom Anderson
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