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MySpace vs. Facebook who wins me?

Ok, I certainly don’t go into networking conversations on this site usually, and I definitely don’t usually go this extremely off topic. But this is a definite point of interest for me as of late, and I decided to put my $.20 worth. Yes, I have that much to say.

Ok, so a few years ago, I jumped up on this MySpace thing, you can view my page here: http://www.myspace.com/renevo. Back then it was basically anything goes, JavaScript, total control over the pages, non-structured mess basically, but it blew up pretty quick. Then my friends got on MySpace, not all of them, but the local ones. I didn’t really spend that much time looking for them, as it wasn’t that clear on how to find them, since so many people match “Tom Anderson” they certainly had a hard time finding me. And then came the will to impress, I must make a kick ass looking MySpace page, as a web developer/designer it was my duty. I ended up with a page that pretty much just had a :) on it, literally, a 60pt font sized sideways smiley face with a black background, and that was my page for about 6 months.

MySpace made it so I didn’t care, I had to visit 900 pages to find out what people I was interested in was doing, or see stuff, and when I did finally find their page, it would take a while for the CSS overrides just about everyone had on MySpace to show me their version of a “cool looking” page. I love my friends, they are awesome, but most of them are color blind and non-designers. They don’t think about how things line up, how big files are to download, how many sounds play at once on a page, and how many YouTube videos start playing along with generally a song I probably don’t like. So, over the years, I have neglected my MySpace page, cause really, I don’t have anything to do there.

Then came Facebook, I heard about it, didn’t sign up, well, didn’t think I had signed up, but turns out I had an account from around when it first launched. Instantly after adding my wife, and a few friends I knew was on Facebook, I was able to find quite of few people, and then Facebook started telling me people I probably know, and then started showing me directly on my Facebook home page exactly what my friends were posting. Wow, no searching through my list of contacts to find out what this or that person is doing, it is there. Oh look, someone posted new pictures, that is there too! Oh wait, someone found ME in a picture, nice to know that! And lets talk about Facebook styles for a second. As a designer, Facebook doesn’t give me the initial “must do” feeling of customizing, so I can concentrate on just posting crap, talking to friends, meeting new people, and… doing what a social network is for, socializing.

So people will tell me now, “MySpace has stuff like that, kind of”, yes, and it is too little too late in my opinion. Sure, MySpace has its pro’s, but for a regular guy who just wants to communicate via this internet thingy with some friends, post pictures, updates, and meet some people, Facebook is much more inline with what I want to do.

So me, I am pro Facebook, and will probably do nothing more with my MySpace page, as it does nothing for me.

Twitter, that is just for quickies, and I use TweetDeck to post to Facebook and Twitter at the same time, Twitter lets me see what people I don’t need to be friends with are doing and what interests them http://twitter.com/jimmyfallon for example, fat chance I will be friends with him on Facebook, maybe a fan. You can find me there @ http://twitter.com/renevo_tom which the homepage also shows my twitter updates.

MySpace: http://myspace.com/renevo
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=637688073
Twitter: http://twitter.com/renevo_tom

Isn’t socializing fun on the internet?

Published Friday, May 1, 2009 3:39 PM by Tom Anderson


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