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Took some time off

Well, after finishing up all of my surgery, I decided to take a few days off from work, from computers, from… stress.

I took the time to spend some time with the wife and some friends, as well as catch up on some video gaming (PS3). It was a nice break, but now I am back to the grind.  In the meanwhile, here is some key points to my time off.

Watched Saturday's UFC fight, two words for how that ended… “HULK SMASH”.

Sunday I spent about 4 hours tearing my fingers apart learning and playing Chevelle on my 5 string bass.  It has been a while since I have played, the muscle memory is coming back nicely, but my poor poor finger tips on both hands are ripped to shreds. I played for about 2 hours again last night, until I re-opened some of the tears in my fingers.

On Monday I started a project with my friend from STOFMA, basically I will be building a custom pedal board for him that will house and power all of his midi and pedal controllers for his guitar rack.  Including a built in tuner, mute, phantom power, and a custom cable that will save on some on-stage wiring. I will be posting a blog post about the entire thing on the Developer blog, so stay tuned for some pictures real soon, as this project is going under way right now.

Tuesday was basically about spending some time with the wife, we watched some reality TV, played a lot of Wii, and generally … well, what I do with my wife in the privacy of our home is not your business, this isn’t that kind of blog!

Last night, I spent time finishing off The Force Unleashed. That game just didn’t disappoint at all, and without revealing too much, I chose to be bad, and the costume you get for it is seriously bad ass. Too bad the emperor didn’t dress up Vader half as good as that. My only huge gripe I had was when advancing through the game the second time (hit continue after you beat the game) it kept changing my costume to that level’s costume, instead of my kick ass Sith Armor.  Also, the flipping of the cinematic to the level costume no matter what was a bit annoying, but understandable as they are probably pre-baked. One fun thing is that playing the second time through with all of the powers you didn’t have the first time is a breeze. In the opening battles I literally just stood there in the middle of the hangar and let them shoot themselves with my saber deflect maxed out. It was pretty funny, especially when you run into a room of around 20 guys and about 3 hits later they all die, it really had a feel for being a super powerful Jedi.  Even more so than the first level playing as Vader.

I also picked up Fallout 3, I will be playing that for the next few days and see how it stacks up, as well as probably playing Red Alert 3 finally.

BTW, I am a huge Burnout Paradise fan on the PS3 and am looking for some regular people to hang out with in game and do a bunch of stupid stunts, if you are interested, add me as a friend on the PS3, my name is Denate.

Published Thursday, November 20, 2008 2:18 PM by Tom Anderson


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