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Gimme mah food!

So, been away for a few, having some dental work done (about 2 weeks worth of being jacked up on pain medications).  I am kind of back, in about a week and a half, I get to get some more done, so... good times.

Thought for no other reason than to put a picture to the name I would post this ugly ass picture of myself, I'm unshaven, swollen slightly from my dental work, and my hair looks like ratted ass, but hey, there I am...

Anyway, just picked up the new Samsung Instinct.  Still playing around with it quite a bit, for a price of $129 after mail-in rebate (my wife is great at actually sending those in) its a great phone, and much thinner than my last phone (Treo 700wx), not to mention, once again, about $500 less than what I paid for the Treo when it came out.  Small learning curve on the touch screen, like how to scroll properly, as a computer user, everything in my mind says to go down to scroll down, but you actually move up, as to slide the list up. Other than that, its a breeze to use, decent phone quality, TV, radio, games, sync contacts, killer GPS applications, and a nitty gritty Sprint media manager application for syncing music, video, and images.  The amount of accessories that came with it out of the box was great, not to mention the inclusion of an extra batter and stand alone enclosure to charge the battery. Also included was a decent leather case, stylus (web browsing much easier thank you), USB to mini-USB cable, wall wart to mini-USB cable, a 2 gig micro sd, and some other random crap (headphones with talk capability, etc...) I dig it, period.

Now to get the thing paired up with Charlie (the big'ol purple charger) and I will be good to go.

Everyone take it easy, as I know I am, soon as all this damn dental work is done, and I'm not jacked up on pain medications or dying with a head/jaw ache, I will get back to business as usual, I am doing some analysis right now to find out what needs to be improved on the site, low and behold, its content. Funny how that works, a web site needing content.

Published Sunday, September 14, 2008 9:31 PM by Tom Anderson


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