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Wiisis Preview Video



(Yes, it’s real, and it’s spectacular.)



Progress Report


It has been quite some time since we last clued you in on the progress of Wiisis. This has mostly been due to the fact that, well… it’s sort of done. It’s been, like… done for awhile now. In fact, I’m honestly getting sick of seeing it on my desktop.


So why haven’t we released it? As we have stated previously, RenEvo Software & Designs is under a Non-Discloser Agreement with Crytek GmbH as one of the modification teams that received the pre-SDK. This SDK has allowed us to reach the 99% completion point on the modification. Until our NDA is lifted (which will occur at the same time the public SDK is released), Wiisis cannot move into the 100% completion point and be released. Wiisis must be built on and tested with the public SDK to ensure the integrity of the mod and its corresponding API is maintained with the retail version of Crysis, Sandbox 2 and the SDK’s contents. As soon as the Public SDK is made available by Crytek and RenEvo Software & Designs’ NDA is lifted, we will put all effort into getting Wiisis released in its entirety shortly thereafter.


Previously, we released a video to demonstrate Wiisis as best as we could. It’s rather hard to show a mod that revolves around playing with the Nintendo Wii Remote when you do not have a digital camera or camcorder to record one physically playing the mod with the controller. (Doh!) So we opted for the next best thing: bootlegging! And it definitely succeeded in getting the word out. The only problem was: nobody really believed it was real. (Our bad.)


Well this just simply will not do! And so after finally getting a little extra free time, I have crafted for you a new 13 minute video composed entirely of myself actually playing the darn thing. If anyone still wants to insist it is a fake … well, I suppose the only thing I can really do then is just cry. I really don’t think anyone wants to see me cry. So I beg of you, please believe it is real for all of our sakes.



Wiisis Preview Video


And so, without further a due, I present to you the Wiisis Preview Video! You will find that the video is broken down into multiple chapters, each which details a particular set of controls. Each chapter will witness me playing the mod while I narrate what is going on. If you have any questions or comments on the video or the mod, as always, please direct them to our Wiisis Support Forum.


Click here to view the video.


In addition, you can also view each chapter individually from our Stage6 Channel.



What’s Next?


I don’t plan on making another video for Wiisis in the future, because quite frankly, with the SDK not too far away, the mod will be released to the public and that will be that. So the only thing I have to say for what is “next” is the release of the mod! Just keep your eye out on the Wiisis site for the announcement when it comes.


And don’t forget, with the release of Wiisis will also come the Wii Remote API and the source code for the mod, so you can have a valid resource for C++ coding with the Crysis SDK and the ability to integrate the Wii Remote into your own Crysis modification!



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Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed this update!


- Renevo Software & Designs Team


If you would like to comment on this announcement, please post your thoughts in this topic.

Published Wednesday, February 20, 2008 11:12 PM by vloktboky


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