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First Release For Dead Six Information

I have just passed the final feature list for the First Alpha release for The Dead Six, versioned at .0.5.0.  This version will be made available publicly, as well as the source and tools to start creating your own assets and buildings for The Dead Six, or your own C&C Based modification for CryEngine 2.  As you can see, we still have a few more decisions to make about some of the assets, but the list is pretty final.  We are going to go with the "Release early and often" rather then "Release once and pray we actually release" methodology.

Planned Release will support the following:

  1. C&C Multiplayer Mode
  2. Custom Maps: d6_islands, d6_coast, d6_canyons
  3. Custom Buildings: Refinery
  4. Custom Vehicles: Harvester
  5. Purchase Terminals for Characters and Vehicles

GDI Infantry

  1. Minigunner - Machine Gun
  2. Heavy Gunner - ??
  3. Sniper - Sniper Rifle
  4. Engineer - Make do Repair Tool

Nod Infantry

  1. Minigunner - Machine Gun
  2. Stealth Troop (cloaked) - Silenced Gun
  3. Sniper - Sniper Rifle
  4. Engineer - Make do Repair Tool


  1. Harvester
  2. Humvee
  3. Tank
  4. Nod Helicopter
  6. Boat

Buildings - Prefabbed

  1. Refinery
  2. Power Plant
  3. Barracks
  4. War Factory

Multiplayer Levels

  1. D6_islands - This map will be an island based map that can utilitize air, sea, land vehicles.
  2. D6_coast - This map will be a land based map with water on one side that will utilize air, sea, land vehicles.
  3. D6_canyons - This map will be land locked that will utilize air and land vehicles.
Published Wednesday, December 26, 2007 5:32 PM by Tom Anderson


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