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C&C Tiberium

Well, I figured I would chime in a bit on this subject, even though it is up for high debate and argument right now.

I received my Game Informer, for those that don't know you can get a subscription for a small cost with the Game Stop discount card deal. Anyway...

The article pretty much just covers the single player aspect, and a small over the shoulder play by play while one of the developers runs through a level.  It sounds complex, and not to far from tactical shooters with squad based objectives.  Including a commander mode where you can direct units around from the top view of the level.

All in all, it also reflected to me an RTS blend in single player, capture this area, and new "slots" will be made available to you, but I fear that it will come close to the feel of Empire At War's RTS implementation, granted it is a kick ass game, it is about as linear as a ruler when it comes to strategy, not to mention the fact that it looks like you will have a grand total of one weapon with 4 modes.  Sure, you can call in Orca strikes, or use titans as basically turrets, but to me, weapon diversity is what makes for fun. Start the single player campaign with a pistol and the shirt off your back, work your way up to multiple weapon selections and load outs so you can play your own style, not "you must use this weapon, or you will never beat this part" type game style.

Also, what is with that name?  I seriously hope that is it a working title, and not the final.  C&C Tiberium seems like a massively generalized term for the name, if it is C&C past 1995, of coarse it has Tiberium.  Why wouldn't it? 

Anyway, it is something I will watch from the background, hopefully they pull it off, but if we end up with C&C Battlefield, (which by the way, would have been a better title), then there will be that nitch that will play it, try to get high in the ranks, and not care what the models are they are using, cause it is all about ranking at that point. But as Apoc pointed out on the Renegade Forums (which he just recently registered over at that train wreck of a community), multi-player has yet to be announced, as to play style, etc...  At this point it seems like EA has made there first "touch" into the C&C FPS community, but as jacked up as that community has become after the fall of Westwood, hell even before, I am sure that Apoc's frustration with them will result in just ignoring the massive amount of flames that might contain one or two half baked ideas on what the game's experience could be like. I mean, who has the time to hear how badly you do your job because you work for EA, and the fact that if you don't do a Renegade clone with newer graphics you will all but fail (paraphrased from recent posts on there Renegade forums).  Last I looked, Renegade was a marketing flop that is only held onto by a small group (yes, 1500 or so is a small group for a game title) that is only sticking around for people with crappy computers, those who actually don't mind 6 year old graphics, and for the few mods that are out there or "coming".  Sure I thoroughly enjoyed C&C mode myself, but the game is past its prime, at least games like Ultima Online offer a decent community, not a requirement for flame retardant clothing.

Published Monday, December 17, 2007 11:15 AM by Tom Anderson


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