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Well, I really didn't know, did you?

PS3 - A viable video conferencing system

Last week at work we made the discovery that the Sony PS3 could be used as a viable video conferencing system.  Plugged into our 52" plasma in one of our conference rooms, we where able to use the Playstation Eye (formerly known as the Eye Toy) and use the Playstation Online feature to create a video chatroom.  Granted this is only good up to 6 people, this is still a huge cost difference from a $15,000 solution that is normally available for PiP video conferencing.

I am a bit excited to hear that the boss will be buying at least one PS3 for each office in the company for this, will make a nice break opportunity while staying late nights!


Visual Studio 2008

Already in RTM, yeah, I know, I am behind by a few weeks, but I have gotten all of the developers here in house to get it all setup, and starting this or next week I will start attempting to get some of our major products in the new Studio.  I don't really anticipate a lot of issues, and the side by side installation should help a bit with the stepped upgrades.


Toys for Tots

This Friday I will be attending a meet & greet event that is doing a Toys for Tots for the SoCalLX car club, should be fun, and I am always into giving a little bit back to the community when I can.  Hopefully my purple people eater will make a nice addition to the car club as well, which seems to be quite developed over the years with lots of Magnums, Chargers, and 300's.


Time well spent

I have tried to spend the last week with my wife, as well as dealing with now dressing in business attire, rather then my casual to business casual that I previously was wearing.  After moving desks, punching out some serious new features for software, etc... I should be able to finally get back on track with blogging, it is not like there isn't anything to say, just not enough time in the day to get it said.


Finally "Live"

Looks like Microsoft saw some errors in their ways, today I was able to install Live Writer on my Vista Ultimate 64 edition, thankfully now I can start installing some really nice plug-ins designed for community server and inserting source code.

Published Monday, December 3, 2007 9:42 AM by Tom Anderson


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