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Cars & Coffee - 11/3/2007

Well, this was my second weekend at the Cars & Coffee in Irvine California.  I must say that I felt a little more comfortable coming in this time, then last weeks experience.

Cars & Coffee is an open Car Show that takes place at the ass crack of dawn from 7am to 9pm and is hosted by Mazda & Ford right next to the Irvine Spectrum. Last week I stumbled awake around 6:30am and figured what the hell, drove out there (about 15 minutes away), and checked it out. Cautiously, not knowing exactly what was going on there, I parked in the viewers parking lot with my 2007 Dodge Charger SRT8.  After entering into the parking lot where all the cars where, my wife poked me to go get "Charlie" and park him with the other cars, luckily I found another Charger SRT8, granted it wasn't Plum Crazy (i.e. purple), but it would make a nice neighbor for my car.

The show was fantastic, lots of cars to see, and lots of showing off to do with my own car.

Then comes this week, I am ready.  I wake up at 5am, I spend about 30 minutes wiping down my car and cleaning my Rims, I go grab some drinks, and arrive around 6:30am.  Seems like everyone had the same ideas, which isn't unusual, but I was about the 50th car there. I did however get to see a lot of the cars driving in, which was pretty damn cool.

Without the fires, this week was a much larger show then last weekend, even some rare cars showed up, and I managed to snap a few shots with my Treo, not the best pictures, but hey, its pictures!

Here are some samples, you can find more in the gallery.



The of coarse, the star of the show!

Published Saturday, November 3, 2007 11:34 AM by Tom Anderson


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